The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Today I begin sharing my journey, past, present and future.  I will provide details that may make you blush, but my hope is we can relate on some level.  I get it, we all want things to move along with no waves, great success, and days full of happiness and glee! Here’s the reality, it can’t always be that way.  As a mom to two daughters, over 8 years apart in age, having already hit the big 4-0, and some days just trying to “make it through,” I can’t stand when I hear people say “everything is perfect!”  LIARS, there’s no damn way everything is perfect.  I am overweight, have dry skin, my feet look like I am dead, my eyebrows are never “fleaking” (whatever the heck that even means), I ALWAYS peel my beautiful $40 gel nail manicures off while watching endless episodes of ID TV, I haven’t worn shorts since I was 19, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my late 20s, I have thyroid disease, I suck at the dab, sing in my car to Chain Smokers ‘Closer’ even when it’s not playing, and 95% of the time pull my hair back into a ponytail-no one’s life is PERFECT, no one’s.  What is perfect?  Let’s blog about that later! 🙂

So, now that we have that out of the way.  Welcome to my blog.  I can’t commit to daily posts, sorry, or maybe you are welcome, but I can commit to posting as life allows me to.  My husband tells me I talk too much and share details beyond belief, but here, that will be expected.  No, I won’t be sharing about “_____stuff (insert what you know anyone in their right mind would NEVER blog about).”  I will be sharing funny moments, life’s challenges and successes, a lot about my incredibly awesome family, maybe a bit about really stupid drivers (most have white plates with blue and red writing-sorry, not sorry), and how I HATE selfies and of course seeing people pretend they have perfect lives.  It really irks me, but heck, you be you….I am me, and this is why I am here.

Welcome to the journey, raw and uncut!